Dance School Monthly Website Hosting and Maintenance Fee

Dance School Monthly Website Hosting and Maintenance Fee

We offer hosting and maintenance for as little as £11.50 per month


What does Dance Uniform do?

Dance Uniform can provide your dance school with all your dance uniform, custom printing and online needs. Below are the following services that we offer:-

Dance Uniform supplies

  • Dance Uniform can supply the following:-
    • Generic Dance Uniform
    • Branded Uniform
    • Re-branding/heat pressing on old and/or faded garments
    • Branded accessories
  • Dance Uniform can provide you with other printing services:-
    • Banner printing
    • Custom logo design
    • Custom garment design
    • Accessories printing (Service launch date to be confirmed)

Dance Uniform online services

  • Dance Uniform will create a branded online shop store (tailored to your needs) with the following services:-
    • All dance school products
    • Online dashboard allowing you to view the status of all customer orders
    • Unique domain name
  • When a customer registers with your online shop store they will be proved with the following:-
    • A user manual on how the shop store operates
    • How the business delivery format works
    • Customer details dashboard (providing the status of their orders)

Dance Uniform delivery services

  • To remove shipping costs to customers, Dance Uniform will be providing a weekly delivery service to dance schools in the local area.

Your Commission

  • You will earn commission on each item sold and will be credited to your PayPal or business account on a monthly bases. Percentage of commission earnt, can be discussed and confirmed once all online shop store product costing have been agreed.

What does this cost you?

  • All the above services apart from the unique domain name can be wrapped up into one monthly payment of £10.
  • Depending on the domain name required the cost should not exceed £20 a year.

For further details please contact Jonathan Dutfield on:-


Tel: 01304 351337


We look forward to hearing from you


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