Shop Management

This guide will help you through the start of setting up your own shop store on The Ducoup Marketplace, share ideas on how to get a start with the features Ducoup has to offer and resources to help you further in your Ducoup Marketplace journey. We welcome you to join Ducoup and open your products up to a new and growing marketplace.

The Ducoup Marketplace is a growing online market allowing buys and sellers to sell their products and services to one another through a seamless platform tailored to the end user. We offer financial flexibility to sellers to get them selves started and established. Please take a look around if if your interested please sign up as either a buyer or seller or even both.

All seller accounts and products sold are reviewed to meet Ducoup’s policy terms and conditions.

Signup and take a look

To sign up as a merchant please click on the following link and register:-

Become a vendor

Once you have registered Ducoup will review your information and either approve your account starte away or may request further information before approval.
Ideally you will need to complete the first step of opening your shop on a desktop web browser.

Do I need a limited company to sell on Ducoup?

Ducoup doesn’t require our sellers to have a limited company to sell their products on the marketplace, however, you are required to follow any laws that apply to you as a sole trade, small, medium and large business.

Finish your shop setup

Once you have completed the initial setup on Ducoup there are a few extra steps that will be required to get your selling the marketplace.

  • Banner and shop logo design: Always try to upload clear images and photos and make them relevant as this always creates a good first impression.
  • Shop Description:  Create a good description of what you sell try not to make the description anymore than 4 or 5 lines, this helps to get your message across to potential customers.
  • Business Themes: We recommend to keep a consistent theme across your colours, photos and images this helps to create familiarity with customers.
  • Share your story: Share your story by uploading photos and videos for customers to watch about your business and products.
  • Meet the Team: Uploading images of team members putting names to faces helps to customers to trust your shop store.
  • Shop Policies: To make sure their is a good understanding between yourself as the seller and your potential customers please outline all your policies for shipping, returns, exchanges, payments, customer items and any further information that you as the seller feel is relevant to your business that the buyer may need to know before they make a purchase.

When you as the seller first login to your Frontend Manager panel you will be presented with the following information at a glance.

Net commission this month Net total of commission earnt that month
Awaiting process orders Merchant action required
On-hold orders Merchant action required
Low stock orders Merchant action required
products out of stock Merchant action required
Unpaid commissions Ducoup Marketplace administrator action required

Coupons can be very useful to gain new customers and retain and sell other products to existing customers, essentially you can build customer loyalty by providing them with special offers through a coupon scheme. Below is a breakdown description of each input that a coupon can take.

Coupon Code Name of coupon
Description Description what the coupon is for
Discount type Use drop for types of discounts
Coupon amount
Coupon expiry date Coupon shelf life
Minimum spend Minimum spend a customer can use for this coupon to be activated
Maximum spend Maximum spend for this coupon de-activates
Individual use only Check box gives description
Exclude sale items Check box gives description
Products What products is this coupon applicable to
Exclude products What products does this coupon exclude
Email restrictions User that cannot use this coupon
Usage limit per coupon How often can this coupon be used
Limit usage to X items Limit use to x number of items in cart
Usage limit per user How many times can oner use this coupon