The Ducoup Marketplace will agree with each merchant the commission they will earn on each product. There are two types of commission based approaches that a seller can take choose from:-

  • Generic commission – which means a all products that you sell will have a flat based commission for example 90%. We recommend this approach when a seller has many small priced products making payment simpler to manage.
  • Individual product based commission – Each product can have it’s own commission..

ID Commission unique number, to be used when raising a query with The Ducoup Marketplace
Order Order number and name of purchaser, if more than one item in sale the order ID can be used to link the sale
Product Product Name on this sale
Rate Percentage of commission to you the merchant on this product
Total Commission total in £s you the merchant has earnt on this sale
Refunded If a refund is required, the total is shown here next to the product that is being refunded
To pay Commission by Ducoup Marketplace to pay you the merchant
IBAN/BIC N/A at this stage
Date Date of Sale
Last Updated Date of last update of Sale
Action Can view a breakdown of the sale