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Listing is Free

We have a number of seller packages available each designed to suit many types of services and order volumes. Our starter package is free to sign up to with no monthly membership fees. High selling products will be listed higher and marketed via the Ducoup | Marketplace automated buyer search algorithm.

5% Transaction fee, 2.9% + 30p payment gateway flat fee

The free seller package has the above fees associated with each product sale, other tailor made packages have lower fees.

10% Marketing run fee

Ducoup pays for offsite marketing runs with seller’s products, if you wish to opt in to a marketing run each transaction fee will be 10% including the 5% marketplace commission fee. It is free to add your products to a marketing run and they usually last for a few weeks depending on the social media platform that marketing run is scheduled for.

All Ducoup | Marketplace transactions take place on our secure payment servers, all optional marketing run advertisement campaigns will advertise your products across multiple social media platforms and when a click to pay transaction occurs the buyer is directed to the Ducoup checkout portal allowing greater management and security over all your product sales.

Here at the Ducoup | Marketplace we work hard to get your products and services connected to the right buyers. Here are a few stories on how Ducoup has helped them to grow their business.

Ducoup | Marketplace Seller

The DC Marketplace has helped bring all our online services for our dance school under one roof. Before we joined, we had to manually process dance uniform orders. Ducoup and their service (Dance Uniform) was able to build and customise our AIM shop window, create all our products and continues to manage all our orders at a very reasonable price.  A great service with that human touch which we really find supportive.
Lisa from Artists In Motion School of Dance
Canterbury, Kent

Ducoup | Marketplace Service

We are a service on the Ducoup | Marketplace called Dance Uniform which offers hosting and e-commerce solutions to the dance industry. Ducoup support have helped us build a client base over the last 3 years with their flexible platform solutions and patient support people.

Jonathan from Dance Uniform

Ducoup | Marketplace Buyer

We have been buying items from Ducoup for a few years now and have found they are very supportive getting our items to us. If we have a problem with a sale we can email or phone support and always get to speak to someone that deals with our query quickly.

Tracey from Aylsham, Kent

Uniform Printing Services

We can print any garment design onto a wide range of materials, from dance school uniform to rugby club uniform we can manage one or many orders on your behalf. We recommend packaging this service with the “Dance Uniform Shop Builder” providing both a printing and online shop store service to sell your printed uniform. Any questions please get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to help.

Jonathan Dutfield Uniform Printing Service
Tel: 01304 351 337

The social media tools to connect to shoppers
Support to build your Shop Store

We offer support all the way to get your Online Shop Store and products up and running

Grow your visibility online

We have a number of tools and services available to Ducoup | Marketplace seller to be able to get the right buyers connected to your products. We action continuous marketing runs on all mainstream social media platforms where you can opt in in as many or as few of your products as you wish.

Bring in new customers

We can create sales funnels to promote your products and target a specific marketplace

We have a quick sign up form and filtering process when becoming a seller on the marketplace, we will ask for proof of identity and all submitted documentation will be checked for authenticity. We follow European online safety standards to validate every seller on the Marketplace which usually takes one day before authentication is complete. We will keep you updated through the validation process where additional documentation may be required.

Ideas to success

A Ducoup | Marketplace Administrator will always be on hand to help guide you through the process of your online shop store through to your first product marketing sales funnel.

Advice from Successful Sellers

Contact sellers on the Ducoup | Marketplace Forum for advice on your shop store and products marketing strategies.

Seller Newsletter

We have many ideas, tips and tricks to make your shop store more successful. We will also add a seller each week as free advertising.

Call us if you have a question

Tel: 01304 351337