Orders & Shipping

Please register or login to view your Ducoup Marketplace Seller’s Panel

Once logged in go to “Frontend Manager” and orders can be viewed with the latest order being shown first, below is a screenshot of the title outlined. You will notice in the late coloumn “Actions” three icons:-

  • The First Icon – allows you to view the order in more detail
  • The Second Icon – Allows you to download in a PDF format the Sales Invoice.
  • The Third Icon – Allows you to download a PDF formatted packing slip for shipping.

Status The status of the order
order Order number,
Purchased Shows the total products sold in this order
Ship to Address of buyer
Date Date of sale
Total Total of sale

Shipping can be a little complicated when you first look at it but once you have spent 10 minutes ready through the documentation and watching  the videos you will get the hang of it and is quite simple to set up a comprehensive shipping cost to cover all products you want to sell on the Ducoup Marketplace.