Ducoup Marketplace Request a Quote

Request A Quote lets your customers ask for an estimate for a list of your products they are interested in.

When a product has been added to the quote, after clicking on button “Add to quote”, it is added to the list that user can see in page “Request a Quote”.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all form field are present in the quote form

Once a customer has submitted a quote you will see it in your Frontend Manager Orders Panel

Quotes are displayed alongside orders in the order area of the admin site

Ducoup sellers are able to accept, modify or reject quotes via this interface.

If seller opens a quote then they will see  a screen similar to the one below

The first section of the screen shows the users details, a second section of the screen shows the items on the order

The options available to the sellers are:-

  • The ability to enter billing and shipping addresses for the quote, these addresses can be populated using addresses that customers have used in the past. Once these addresses are populated it is possible to give the user the option to check out their quote immediately using the billing and shipping details stored against the quote.
  • The ability to edit the products and prices supplied in the quote, these will be reflected back to the user when they view their quote from the “My Account” section of the site
  • The ability to add extra fees to a quote, for instance, a packing fee could be added to a quote that contained a number of bulky items
  • The ability to add a message that will appear before and/or after the products in the quote, this allows the admin to communicate with the user who has submitted the quote
  • The ability to attach a file to a quote
  • The ability to set an expiry date against a quote so users can only process a quote within a limited time period.